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I have been an artist in some form or another for as long as I can remember. Growing up with a preschool teacher for a mother and watching Out of the Box and Zoom made for plenty of arts and crafts time. Stemming from these experiences, I began picking up on the tiny unique details of things. I became majorly interested in how things worked and experimentation was the name of the game. It wasn't just Arts and crafts anymore, it was about finding explanations for things without necessitating words.

Eventually photography caught my eye, and though I still have a tendency towards mixed media work, I feel as though photographs truly encompass all aspects of what I love about art while still being able to stand on its own. It is the perfect outlet for creating works that straddle the line between mediums. That being my interest, I tend to employ a myriad of materials in my work, depending on what seems practical more than anything else. I think working that way lends to an easier path towards the creation of a false but true world.